Download Our Free Silent ringtone

This is NOT the "Mosquito" ringtone, this is an actual silent ringtone, offered for free. Why a silent ringtone?, you may ask. A silent ringtone can be used for various purposes:

  • Assign it to contacts you don't want to talk to
  • Use it to totally quiet your phone if it doesn't have an option that makes it not ring and not vibrate
  • Or use it to create a cell phone spy system
We currently only offer the free silent ringtone in WAV format.
The Silent Ringtone: Listen
Download format(s): WAV

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* Here is how to add our free Ringtones-a-gogo ringtones to your cell phone. Right-click on the "Download" link corresponding to the free ringtone of your choice and select "Save". Then, visit this page for free ringtone instructions for your specific cell phone.

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