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Techniques To Download Free Ringtones To The AT&T Cingular Flip 2

Picture of the Cingular Flip 2, by Alcatel

Adding free ringtones to your AT&T Cingular Flip 2 (also called: Alcatel Cingular Flip 2) is no rocket science. Use some of our truly free ringtones, use your MP3 songs or even record your own voice. It can be done in a wink with the free ringtone tips & tricks we expose here:

Here are the tips:

Try Using a memory card:

Your Cingular Flip 2 is equipped with a MicroSD memory card slot. If your laptop or personal computer has a slot for that kind of card (Most laptop computers are so-equipped), you should be able to transfer music files

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Learn more about making your own free ringtones

Here is a sample of the all free ringtones (compatible with your AT&T Cingular Flip 2) we offer:

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